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Timber Sales

As timber prices constantly rise, it is increasingly important for the landowner to obtain the best advice and consultation in the process of marketing timber.  Some important factors include: 

  • Reputable Buyers - Taylor Forestry, Inc. (TFI) markets timber only to buyers who we feel will conduct the sale and logging operation in accordance with the landowner and forester's instruction.Knowing What to Sell - In order to leave a viable residual stand of trees, it is important to know which trees are growing at a suitable rate and which are not.  Trees should be harvested only if they are financially or biologically mature.Knowing What You are Selling - TFI conducts a detailed timber inventory when preparing a timber sale to ensure that each tree is accounted for and marketed for its best and most profitable use.Getting the Most Money for Your Timber - TFI sells timber, mostly on a competitive sealed bid basis to ensure that the highest market price for the time period is obtained for our client's timber. Our timber sale prospectus is mailed out to a minimum of 35 local, reputable buyers.  Negotiated sales are used for first thinning plantation and low volume tracts in which a highly specialized logging operation may be needed.  The landowner reserves the right to reject any and all bids.Timber Sale Contracts - Working closely with the buyer's and seller's attorneys, TFI reviews and assists in contract preparation to protect all the rights of the landowner.  We make sure the contract is properly executed and that the landowner receives full payment prior to the commencement of logging operations.
  • Logging Supervision - TFI supervises the logging after the sale has been made.  This protects against contract violations and ensures against unnecessary rutting, residual tree damage and boundary line problems.

Timber Inventory

TFI can design a detailed timber inventory to meet the needs of the smallest or the largest forest landowner.  The timber cruise or inventory can then be used for management plans, timber sales, appraisals or property acquisition, timber growth projections, investment analysis, estate planning, depletion schedules and income tax basis determination.  Our inventories include the number of trees and volumes by diameter class and species.Also, with GIS and GPS capabilities we can incorporate the acreage, age, and the level of tree stocking for each stand type.  We can then overlay all pertinent information, for each stand type, on a detailed topographic map and/or aerial photograph.  We have conducted appraisals for banks, insurance companies, land appraisers, attorneys, oil and gas companies, utility companies and trusts, as well as for state and federal government agencies.

Aerial Survey

TFI owns and operates a Cessna 182 high-wing aircraft, piloted by Marvin Taylor of TFI.  We periodically survey our clients' forestland for early detection of beetle infestations, disease, storm damage, fire and unauthorized encroachment.  In addition we maintain contracts with several large forestland companies and the United States Forest Service to conduct aerial services.

Reforestation Needs

TFI can accomplish all aspects of our clients' reforestation needs from site preparation (burning, chemical applications) to acquiring the highest quality seedlings suitable to match specific sites. TFI uses only the most trusted sub-contracting labor and materials available. We have planted Loblolly Pine, Longleaf Pine and various species of hardwoods successfully.

Carbon Sequestration Assistance

Landowners can recieve yearly payments for certain types of timber growing on their property for the carbon stored and emmisions offset by those trees.





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